Cookie Policy

This site makes use of your device to store text data in the form of cookies and browser storage. All data stored is anonymised, meaning that none of the cookies used by this site can be used to identify you personally.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a string of text that a website stores and accesses on your device. The purpose of the cookie is to “remember something”, such as what’s in your shopping cart. Some cookies are “strictly necessary” – for example, cookies used to remember what’s in your shopping cart.

Useful Cookie Definitions

Session cookies are deleted once you close your browser and Persistent cookies are deleted once they reach their expiry date.

First party cookies are cookies that are stored or accessed by our site, whereas Third party cookies are cookies that are stored or accessed by other companies.

Our Cookies (First Party)

Session Cookies

Our website software uses a first party session cookies if you login in, or make a comment. These cookies expire at the end of your session. If you login, 2 session cookies are created, one that securely encodes your login details, and
another to verify that you are logged in. If you leave a comment, 3 session cookies are created, with information about your author name, email and url. These cookies are destroyed as
soon as you close your browser. This cookies are “strictly necessary”. If you refuse these cookies, you will not be able to make login or make comments on the site.

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Analytics Cookies

We use Analytics to provide us with visitor statistics. These statistics help us to understand how visitors got to our site and what content they spend time on. There are 2 First Party
Persistent cookies used:

Name Expiry Purpose
_ga 2 years Assigns a randomly generated number to identify each unique visitor throughout their visit on our site. Provides visitor, session and campaign data
_gat 10 minutes Used to throttle the request rate, limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites

You can refuse these cookies from our site by adjusting your browser settings, and/or deleting them if they are already set. You can also visit where you can install an add-on for your browser to opt out of Google Analytics on all sites, not just ours. Before you do so, we would ask that you consider not removing these cookies, as Google Analytics provides us (and a lot of small businesses) with really useful data that helps us to monitor and improve our website.

Third Party cookies

Google Recaptcha

We use Google’s Invisible Recaptcha to protect our contact form. This will result in the following browser and user data being collected:

  • All cookies placed by Google in the last 6 months
  • CSS (stylesheet) information
  • Language and date
  • Installed plugins
  • All javascript objects

To understand more about how Google uses cookies please refer to Google Privacy and Terms.

You may delete and/or block these cookies, however if you do so, you will not be able to send an enquiry using the Contact Form on our site.

How to Handle Cookies by Adjusting your Browser Settings

Each browser is different, but most will allow you to:

  • Delete cookies
  • Accept or block cookies on a site by site basis
  • Refuse or Accept all Third party cookies
  • Add the Do not Track directive to your browser preventing you from being tracked on the internet

Since all browsers are a little different in how these settings can be made, we recommend you visit where you will find detailed instructions for almost all known browser types.